“Today’s little moments become tomorrow’s precious memories.”

NHPS organized the “Experience New Horizon with a Twist” event on 23rd October 2021. Idea was to provide the parents with a first-hand look at what a typical school day is like for their children. Parents received a warm welcome at the entrance and were gifted with hampers. They had a mixed feeling of excitement and joy when they entered the quadrangle. They posed for selfies with lovely props at the photo booth. The program commenced with a morning assembly followed by a welcome speech by the principal Ms. Anupama Sethi. All the parents were exhilarated, after all, it was the chance given to them to relive their childhood. Parents were overwhelmed by the PT session that gave them the platform to play, run and compete like a child. Their adrenalin rushed high during the tug of war and tunnel ball competition. They enthusiastically attended classes, labs & rocked the dance floor.  A day to remember and an event to cherish for a long time to come.