The Covid-19 Pandemic has brought much of the world to a virtual standstill. As a result of schools being shut all across the world, the educational system has been significantly impacted with over 1.2 billion children out of classrooms.

Information technology has been an integral part of the educational system at the New Horizon Public School. NHPS remains committed to its mission of empowering students with in-depth knowledge and upgrading the quality of learning. The online platform has remained unaffected by the nationwide lockdown enforced from March 24, 2020.

Counseling support is being provided by NHEI counselors online for students, parents, and staff during these stressful times. Information on free learning websites to help kids at home is being shared through the Edumerge portal. Students are being provided with opportunities to participate in a plethora of online activities and competitions during the lockdown period. The EMUN sessions are greatly enhancing the knowledge and skills of the participating students.

Activities like short-film making and photography have motivated and engaged many students. Interactive quizzes, creative writing, and painting competitions are conducted online that is helping the students to discover their talents and potential. Many students have brought laurels to the school by winning numerous accolades.

As countries across the world are taking steps to control the virus and develop a vaccine, e-learning has distinctively risen, whereby teaching is being undertaken remotely and on a digital platform. In pursuit of excellence, NHPS is continuously endeavoring to create meaningful learning experiences for its students. With this paradigm shift, we aim to utilize interactive collaborative tools on a single platform.


Nagesh Holla

It's great to see that NHPS has selected Microsoft teams as a learning platform compared to just conferencing tools like Webex or Zoom used by other schools. Microsoft teams have calendars, assignments, etc integrated into it which makes it very intuitive for Kids to go to classes with little help needed from parents.

I would like to appreciate the effort put in by the teachers in learning the new tools for education and in trying to develop expertise in it, and their efforts in addressing all the queries of the kids. I deeply appreciate the patience that the teachers possess in dealing with kids. Online classes are giving me a view of my son's education in close quarters.

At home, it takes a lot of effort to teach my son just for half an hour and to have him concentrate on a particular topic. But, I am amazed at the response and attentiveness with which he listens to teachers online, which makes me appreciate the need for online connectivity that the medium has provided. It has given me a peek into the teacher-student dynamics which I truly appreciate.

I would also like to appreciate the effort put in by Arun Nair in sorting out the tools and permission issues.

It is great to see the commitment of NHPS towards education and ensuring continuity in education which is key to ensure that educational outcomes of kids do not deteriorate due to COVID situation and kids are focussed on education despite pandemic. This commitment to education and focus on improving the educational outcomes of kids sets NHPS apart from the rest of the schools. Kudos to that.

Nagesh Holla

Parent of Pranav Holla, 5B
Bina Naidu

As a mother, I was worried about how my child would not lose an academic year due to the current pandemic situation. I kept hearing about how other schools had already started preparing for the online classes but did not hear about anything from NHPS. I kept wondering only to realize around mid-may that NHPS had already completed its preparation for the online classes.

The way the details were communicated was meticulous and the classes started without any problem on the 1st of June.

To be honest I was present during the first day of class just to make sure my son and your student - Aryan Kiran Bhaskar, 8C had no issues with connectivity and working on MS Teams. Everything went off smoothly and at the end of the day, Aryan was very happy that school had started. All of you took our feedback most constructively and adjusted the school schedule in a way that portions got covered and the child had enough time to take a break.

The teaching by the teachers is just outstanding and they can communicate with the students in a way that the kids are also enjoying. The teaching is so meticulous and the presentations that are being used have also been done professionally. Subjects like maths and science are being taught so well. For the teachers, this is a new method of teaching. Despite this, they have signed up for it and are doing such a fabulous and tremendous job.

I would like to thank all of you for ensuring that our children get quality education even during these difficult times that we are all facing and going through.

Please continue with this great job and keep the NHPS flag flying high.

Bina Naidu

Parent of Aryan Kiran Bhaskar, 8C
Bhumika Lodaya

We parents of Jas Lodaya, 8B, wish to convey that we are very happy about the way in which online classes are conducted. The teachers are doing an applaudable job. We hope that this continues in the same way until we get through these tough times. Our child is equally happy with the teachers.

A big thank you to the entire staff and the management of NHPS for all the efforts they have put in.

Bhumika Lodaya

Parent of Jas Lodaya, 8B