The greatest strength of a school is its faculty. A teacher at New Horizon is more than a source of wisdom and knowledge. A leader and motivator, a friend and a guide, a role model and mentor; a teacher is truly effective in leading by example. The school takes pride in the faculty comprising of professionals with years of experience in teaching at institutions of repute. She/he is compassionate and committed, motivated and inspired by the opportunity to learn and innovate. Our teachers, at New Horizon, are actively involved in the curricular and co – curricular education provided to each and every child. Building a rapport, along with being comforting and inspiring, a teacher at New Horizon creates an atmosphere of affection, trust and togetherness.

At New Horizon, we value our teachers. The school encourages teachers to upgrade their skills and knowledge by pursuing higher avenues of training where new and innovative methodologies can be learnt. Training programmes and workshops are organised on a regular basis.