The resource room addresses the needs of children with Specific Learning Disability like Dyslexia, ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) and other related learning difficulties. These learning difficulties arise due to perceptual, fine motor skills, emotional and behavioural deficits. Keeping these difficulties in mind, the teachers strive to work around the deficits of the children and improve their reading, comprehension, spelling and writing skills. They also work towards improving the underlying skills like working memory, sequencing, auditory discrimination, sitting tolerance and attention span. Currently children from UKG to Std 5 attend the remedial classes.

Individualized Educational Plan comprising of special worksheets, wordlists and activities like sequencing, brain gym exercises and word games are used. Group activities are also conducted once a week. The teachers focus on repetition and revisions to help the child remember better.

Functions of the Resource Room

  • A checklist is given to the class teachers to enable them to identify the children with learning difficulties.
  • Classroom observations of the identified children are done by the Resource teachers.
  • Informal Assessment is done to identify the areas of learning difficulties and a report is written on the same.
  • The teachers are also requested to approach the department with their queries and doubts along with the child’s note books.
  • After assessment, the teachers are informed about the result and the parents are called for a meeting.
  • With parental permission, the resource classes start on a one-to-one basis or in small groups.
  • Individualized Educational Plans are made and a record of every child’s progress is meticulously maintained.
  • Keeping the constraints of the school timetable, the teachers strive to meet the child at least 3 times a week. If necessary extra classes are scheduled during the assembly or the zero period.
  • Children who require help in reading and comprehension are allowed to take their tests in the Resource Room.
  • Parents are met on a regular basis.
  • An Annual report is written on the child’s progress throughout the year with recommendations and suggestions and is given to the parents and Principal.
  • If needed the child is referred for a formal Psycho-Educational Assessment.
  • The Resource teacher’s aim is to motivate the children.