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The New Horizon Educational Institution celebrates 50 Golden Years of excellence in education. Let us celebrate our achievements and reminisce about the years gone by.In the year 1970, we began with only one institution. Today, the New Horizon Educational Institution (NHEI) is a group of 9 high performing institutions spread across Bangalore. New Horizon Educational Institution provides educational services from pre-primary level to the professional level with the mission of imparting holistic education to the new generation. Established 50 years ago the New Horizon Educational Institution, is considered among the most popular institutes of Karnataka. New Horizon College of Engineering is ranked amongst the Top 100 Engineering colleges in India by NIRF(National InstitutionalRanking Framework). It is ranked No. 9 in Karnataka and No. 4 in Bangalore. The New Horizon Public School was ranked the No.1 ICSE school in India in 2014,

New Horizon Gurukul was ranked the No.1 school in India for holistic development in 2019.
The New Horizon Educational Institutionhas rendered 50 years of munificent and glorious service to the cause of educational and social development. It has donated to numerous organizations across India to support various causes for the upliftment of society. It has adopted more than ten orphanages andsupports more than a hundred villages today. It has provided furniture to more than two hundred government schools. In 2012, the New Horizon Educational Institution as honoured with the prestigious Karnataka Rajyotsava Award. The aspiring students of NHEI have won numerous National and International competitions during the past years and continue to bring laurels to the Institute. As we strive for excellence, may we continue to prosper and flourish in times to come. We would like to wholeheartedly thank each and everyone involved in this glorious journey! Your unconditional love, support and commitment towards New Horizon through the years, have motivated and inspired us to become one of the leading providers of the selfless service that education.

A teacher at New Horizon Public School is more than a source of wisdom and knowledge

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    Respected Madam,

    I am writing this e-mail with immense happiness and gratitude. To see Niharica improve slowly and steadily has given me a lot of confidence that she will do well in her academics even in her higher classes. She now reads very well and independently. She also remembers things better. Her writing has improved as well.

    I would like to thank you mam for your patience, understanding and encouragement. I would also thank the school management for having such a set up where the kids can be given special attention to improve in the areas that they are weak in.

    Mam, I am sure that with your guidance Niharica will have a wholesome growth. Thank you once again.

    Yours sincerely,