As the sun rose behind the familiar outline of our school building, laughter and the chatter of parents filled the air. This was an occasion of a fun filled and heartwarming school event aptly titled, “Experience New Horizon with a Twist”. It was a day that transcended generations, inviting parents to relive the cherished memories of their own school days. The event kicked off with school assembly followed by parents navigating into different sessions of the program learning rhymes, art and craft, story, PT, value education, dance & singing, taking time to relish the memories that school days bring forth. Parents eagerly gathered around the photo booth capturing memories and revisiting stories. 

The cafeteria-style setting for snacks and drinks brought back memories of school lunches where the simple joy of sharing a meal was a cherished part of the school experience. As the event drew to a close, a short but heartfelt closing ceremony thanked parents for their active participation. Small tokens of appreciation were distributed, and certificates were given to acknowledge the valuable contributions of those who had actively participated. 

A feedback session invited attendees to share their thoughts, ensuring that future events could be even more tailored to the desires and expectations of the school community. In the end, “NH Twist” wasn’t just an event, it was a celebration of the shared experiences, enduring bonds, and timeless memories that define the spirit of NHPS.