ICSE toppers

Number of students appeared  :  122

Number of students passed       :  122


Highest aggregate:     493/500 – 98.6 %

Lowest aggregate:     450/500 – 90 %

1 Ananya  Veeraraghavan 493/ 500 98.6 %
2 Himaja   N
3 Neeraja   Kumar
4 Ria Orpe
5 Adhithya   Rajesh  Menon 492/500 98.4 %
6 Akhil Sakthieswaran
7 Alina  Khan
8 Atharv  Sudhir  Rao
9 Esha  Kartik
10 Khushi  Bhupesh
11 Meher  Batterywala
12 Sai  Naren   S
13 Sri  Janane   S  V
14 Swathi   Kumar
15 Aarush  Narendra  Ghate 491/500 98.2 %
16 Aditya  Birla
17 Anisha  Dhoot
18 Disha   Dash
19 Janhavi  Harish  Kulkarni
20 Roopashree  D P
21 Shrihan   R


95 %  & ABOVE       –     94  students

90 – 94.9 %            –     28 students

TOTAL                   –      122 APPEARED


English                –               95

Hindi                   –               99

Kannada             –                99

History Civics/Geography –  100

Mathematics                 –      100

Science                        –        97

Computer Applications   –      100

Commercial  Application –      100



1 Ananya  Veeraraghavan


1 Aanya  Agrawal 23 Gautam  Menon
2 Adhithya   Rajesh  Menon 24 Himaja   N
3 Aditya  Birla 25 Hrishikesh  Namboodiri  K  P
4 Akhil Sakthieswaran 26 Kaivalya  Nibandhe
5 Alina  Khan 27 Khushi  Bhupesh
6 Ananya  Veeraraghavan 28 Koyna  Sanjeev
7 Anisha  Dhoot 29 Manasa   Meera  Satish
8 Anisha Kini 30 Mihika  Shyam  Narayanan
9 Anusree  Krishnan 31 Nandika  Nitin
10 Aparnaa   A  S 32 Nashrah  Shah
11 Aravind  Sathesh 33 Navami  Panicker
12 Ashish  S  Ohol 34 Neeraja   Kumar
13 Ashmita  Chemudupati 35 Nithila   P
14 Atharv  Sudhir  Rao 36 Prabhav  Rajan
15 Bhavyalaxmi  L 37 Rahul  Merugu
16 Chaitanya  Ravindra  Joshi 38 Rahul  Rajesh
17 Devarshini  Jyothi 39 Ria Orpe
18 Dhvani  Amit  Banker 40 Sai  Naren   S
19 Disha   Dash 41 Sai  Prashanth   B
20 Esha  Kartik 42 Sai  Riteish  Guduru
21 Eshaan  Dinesh 43 Sethu   S
22 Freya  Khanna 44 Shraavani  S  Vaze
45 Shreya   V 50 Swathi   Kumar
46 Siddharth   Balamurali 51 Tejas   B  S
47 Sidharth  Hosur  Sachidanand 52 Uday  Gopan
48 Sidharth  Sarangi 53 Vaibhav   Anand
49 Sri  Janane   S  V 54 Vaishnavi  Pareen  Mehta


1 Roopashree  D P 3 Shrihan   R
2 Shreyas  S

 MATHS: 100

1 Aarush  Narendra  Ghate 12 Khushi  Bhupesh
2 Adhithya   Rajesh  Menon 13 Meher  Batterywala
3 Akhil Sakthieswaran 14 Neeraja   Kumar
4 Alina  Khan 15 Nitin Bhaskar
5 Arvind  Prabhu  S 16 Ria Orpe
6 Atharv  Sudhir  Rao 17 Roopashree  D P
7 Disha   Dash 18 Sai  Naren   S
8 Esha  Kartik 19 Sharan Arunkumar  Patil
9 Eshaan  Saini 20 Shrihan   R
10 Himaja   N 21 Sri  Janane   S  V
11 Janhavi  Harish  Kulkarni 22 Tejashree   S


1 Aarush  Narendra  Ghate 11 Janhavi  Harish  Kulkarni
2 Adhithya   Rajesh  Menon 12 Khushi  Bhupesh
3 Aditya  Birla 13 Meher  Batterywala
4 Akhil Sakthieswaran 14 Neeraja   Kumar
5 Alina  Khan 15 Nitin Bhaskar
6 Ananya  Veeraraghavan 16 Roopashree  D P
7 Anisha  Dhoot 17 Sai  Naren   S
8 Arvind  Prabhu  S 18 Swathi   Kumar
9 Esha  Kartik 19 Tejashree   S
10 Eshaan  Saini


1 Aanya  Agrawal 20 Janhavi  Harish  Kulkarni
2 Aarush  Narendra  Ghate 21 Josephine  Ann  Ajay  Thopurathu
3 Adhithya   Rajesh  Menon 22 Khushi  Bhupesh
4 Aditya  Birla 23 Meher  Batterywala
5 Akhil Sakthieswaran 24 Neeraja   Kumar
6 Alina  Khan 25 Niranjani  Nishant  Hiremath
7 Amogh  Kattemar 26 Nithila   P
8 Amogh  Krishna  J  S 27 Nitin Bhaskar
9 Ananya  Veeraraghavan 28 Reyna   Lakshmi  Ram
10 Anisha  Dhoot 29 Ria Orpe
11 Anusree  Krishnan 30 Sai  Naren   S
12 Aporva  R 31 Sai  Riteish  Guduru
13 Arvind  Prabhu  S 32 Shrihan   R
14 Ashish  S  Ohol 33 Sri  Janane   S  V
15 Atharv  Sudhir  Rao 34 Swathi   Kumar
16 Esha  Kartik 35 Tejashree   S
17 Eshaan  Saini 36 Tharhanishree   R
18 Freya  Khanna 37 Uday  Gopan
19 Himaja   N


1 Dhathreyi  B  P
2 Manasa   Meera  Satish
3 Nishitaa   G
4 Shreyas  S
5 Sidharth  Hosur  Sachidanand
6 Vaishnavi  Pareen  Mehta


1 Aanya  Agrawal 26 Jovan  Lloyd
2 Aarush  Narendra  Ghate 27 Kaivalya  Nibandhe
3 Adhithya   Rajesh  Menon 28 Khushi  Bhupesh
4 Aditya  Birla 29 Meher  Batterywala
5 Akhil Sakthieswaran 30 Neeraja   Kumar
6 Alina  Khan 31 Niranjani  Nishant  Hiremath
7 Amogh  Krishna  J  S 32 Nitin Bhaskar
8 Ananya  Veeraraghavan 33 Prabhav  Rajan
9 Anisha  Dhoot 34 Rajitha  Rani  C  B
10 Aparnaa   A  S 35 Reyna   Lakshmi  Ram
11 Aravind  Sathesh 36 Ria Orpe
12 Arnav  Thishu 37 Rithik  Madhav  V
13 Arvind  Prabhu  S 38 Roopashree  D P
14 Atharv  Sudhir  Rao 39 Sai  Naren   S
15 Ayush  Kumar   U 40 Sai  Riteish  Guduru
16 Chaitali  Shukla 41 Sethu   S
17 Chaitanya  Ravindra  Joshi 42 Sharan Arunkumar  Patil
18 Disha   Dash 43 Shreya   V
19 Esha  Kartik 44 Sidharth  Sarangi
20 Eshaan  Dinesh 45 Sri  Janane   S  V
21 Eshaan  Saini 46 Swathi   Kumar
22 Freya  Khanna 47 Tanirika   R
23 Harshid  S 48 Tejashree   S
24 Himaja   N 49 Uday  Gopan
25 Janhavi  Harish  Kulkarni 50 Yash  Ravi  Kumar

A teacher at New Horizon Public School is more than a source of wisdom and knowledge

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    Atal Tinkering Lab

    The students were given a challenge to build their own robot, with no restrictions attached!

    In this era of technology, rapid developments are being made everyday especially in the field of electronics, where automation of dangerous tasks is the top priority.

    This is how ATL (ATAL TINKERING LAB), a version of scientific innovation from young minds, finds a mark on NHPS.

    Our students rose to the occasion in translating their creative and innovative skills in science and technology.  They utilized the facilities provided by the school and came up with successful projects which would benefit mankind and our country in particular.


    Strong bonds of friendships are forged during these journeys. The journey can sometimes be long and tedious for the students. This can hamper their concentration level and their eagerness to learn. The comfort and safety of our students is of paramount importance to us. In order to ensure a comfortable and safe journey, New Horizon Public School introduced a fleet of luxury, AC buses this academic year.

    These AC buses are new and comfortable. The children can relax and enjoy their time with their friends without being disturbed by the noises coming from outside. The children come to school feeling fresh and eager to begin a new day in school.

    First aid room & sanjeevini

    SANJEEVINI ROOM (Pre – Primary)

    We at New Horizon Public school take the maximum possible care of our children during school hours.  

    Our medical room also known as ‘SANJEEVINI’, is a magical room that has been specially formulated for this very purpose. We provide 2 beds in case of medical emergency for children. A well-stocked first aid box will always be available for immediate treatment. The first aid kit is fully equipped and is kept handy. We ensure adequate nursing and care is given to the affected children. 

    Life Skill Lab

    of the hour that we equip our students so well that they are able to deal effectively with the demands and challenges of everyday life. With this objective in mind, the latest addition to our facility is a well-equipped Life Skills Lab. It is almost a miniature home and work setup, put into one beautiful space with counters, furniture and all materials and amenities which can be utilized by the children to learn these everyday skills hands-on. We have planned supervised sessions with age-appropriate activities that will help children improve their fine motor skills, organizing skills and also teach them self-care, discipline, and functional skills, which in turn they will use on an everyday basis, and help them grow into organized, systematic and self-reliant individuals

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    Respected Madam,

    I am writing this e-mail with immense happiness and gratitude. To see Niharica improve slowly and steadily has given me a lot of confidence that she will do well in her academics even in her higher classes. She now reads very well and independently. She also remembers things better. Her writing has improved as well.

    I would like to thank you mam for your patience, understanding and encouragement. I would also thank the school management for having such a set up where the kids can be given special attention to improve in the areas that they are weak in.

    Mam, I am sure that with your guidance Niharica will have a wholesome growth. Thank you once again.

    Yours sincerely,