International YOGA Day

June 21st, 2023 marks a special day of unity and tranquility as the world comes together to observe International Yoga Day. Since its inception, this global celebration has gained immense popularity, bringing millions of people from all walks of life onto their mats to embrace the ancient practice of yoga. As we commemorate this day, NHPS Preprimary division organized a special Yoga session for our tiny tots wherein a small group of children along with the teachers demonstrated easy Yoga poses like Trikonasana, Tadasana, Uttanasana, Sukhasana & others. These Asanas let us delve into the significance of yoga and the positive impact it has on our physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. Beyond the physical realm, yoga is known to have profound effects on mental health and emotional well-being.  As we celebrate this International Yoga Day at NHPS, the children were encouraged to honor the rich heritage of yoga and embrace its teachings. Also, to motivate one another to discover the transformative power within themselves and to extend our practice beyond the mat into our daily lives. Together, let us cultivate a world that values well-being, unity, and harmony.

A teacher at New Horizon Public School is more than a source of wisdom and knowledge

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    Respected Madam,

    I am writing this e-mail with immense happiness and gratitude. To see Niharica improve slowly and steadily has given me a lot of confidence that she will do well in her academics even in her higher classes. She now reads very well and independently. She also remembers things better. Her writing has improved as well.

    I would like to thank you mam for your patience, understanding and encouragement. I would also thank the school management for having such a set up where the kids can be given special attention to improve in the areas that they are weak in.

    Mam, I am sure that with your guidance Niharica will have a wholesome growth. Thank you once again.

    Yours sincerely,