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    Sharpening intellectual skills and building character – this is the foundational fabric of education.

    Our value system lays emphasis on strong morals and we strive to instill moral values, ethics and compassion in our students.







    New Horizon Public School  (NHPS) – the best ICSE school in Bangalore has a stellar reputation of being one of the top 10 ICSE schools in Bangalore. NHPS has been imparting education to students through Nursery to Grade 10, using the ICSE syllabus – Indian Certificate of Secondary Education. Each passing year we give to our nation their future leaders – able and innovative young adults who are divided into 3- preprimary, primary and secondary divisions 

    Extracurricular activities in a student’s life have always played a critical role. NHPS has fostered, trained and encouraged students to find a niche in a field of their interest. Students at NHPS part take in – dance, music, craft, storytelling, oration and more apart from their regular education. We can proudly say that we have created a space for ourselves in their field of sports among all the other best ICSE schools in Bangalore. NHPS has always been known as one of the top 10 ICSE schools in Bangalore for its magnificent sports teams. Special coaches are hired to train young athletes in games such as Basketball, Volleyball, Team games, Karate and more. Our school has given way to multiple State and National level players who continue to make us proud. We encourage healthy competition among students and inculcate skill, teamwork, and sportsmanship. The students of NHPS – ranked among the top 10 best ICSE schools in Bangalore, have repeatedly made us proud by their awards and achievements.  

    Every child in NHPS is respected for their uniqueness. Children are allowed to explore every bit of the world they live in. We truly believe that with the right kind of education and practice children can overcome every obstacle they come across. Only the best ICSE schools in Bangalore among the list of best ICSE schools in Bangalore provide children with infrastructure that supports their dreams and encourages them to do better at every step. The NHPS faculty is regularly evaluated. They part take in seminars and workshops to learn new technologies and teaching methods. 

    NHPS – the best ICSE school in Bangalore: 

    • Unparalleled academic track record – 100% results 
    • More than 98% of our students get distinctions and first classes in exams 
    • Emphasis on moral values and ethics 
    • Extracurricular activities and sports 
    • Good infrastructure – library, labs and sports facilities 

    If you are a parent that is currently searching for ‘best ICSE schools near me’ then we recognize your struggle to choose the top 10 ICSE schools in Bangalore for the ICSE school admission of your child. You must choose NHPS – the best ICSE school in Bangalore for your child’s holistic development. One must never have to compromise on education or extracurricular activities for ICSE school admissions in Bangalore. NHPS secures your child’s future by presenting to them limitless opportunities in every field of study. Only the top 10 ICSE schools in Bangalore achieve equally well in academics and sports. NHPS continues to have an unbeatable record in being the best school in Bangalore and the best ICSE school in Bangalore for its standards in education, alumni and state of the art infrastructure.  

    Pick up the ICSE admission form today and provide your child with a future they deserve!