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Realizing one’s full potential, creating a fair and just society, and advancing global progress all depend on education. The secret to India’s continuous ascension and leadership in the global arena in terms of economic growth is to ensure that everyone has access to high-quality education, scientific progress, national integration, social justice, and cultural preservation.

The landscape of knowledge is changing quickly on a global scale. Many low-skilled occupations could be replaced by machines due to rapid advancements in science and technology, such as the emergence of big data, machine learning, and artificial intelligence, while the demand for qualified workers would increase.

A workforce with transdisciplinary skills in the sciences, social sciences, and humanities, notably in mathematics, computer science, and data science, will be in higher demand. The way we meet the needs of the world for energy, water, food, and sanitation will significantly change as a result of climate change, rising pollution, and the depletion of natural resources. This will once again lead to a need for new skilled workers, particularly in the fields of biology, chemistry, physics, agriculture, climate science, and social science.

The best method to develop and utilize our nation’s many talents and resources for the benefit of the individual, society, the nation, and the world is through universal high-quality education. India will have the youngest people in the world over the next ten years, and the future of our nation will depend on our capacity to offer them chances for high-quality education. 

Institutes such as New Horizon Public School (NHPS) are one of the best schools in Bangalore that promote and inform students about the latest innovations and trends in the education industry. Every student who enters New Horizon Public School Bangalore or one of its sister institutions is therefore provided with an edge over other pupils. The management along with the support from the ICSE council are the front runners in implementing NEP in their curriculum. The management’s astute thinking and visionary decisions support students in realizing their full potential and putting that potential to use every day. Hear what the Principal of NHPS Mrs. Anupama Sethi has to say about NEP 2020

The New Education Policy (NEP) 2020 has been in the public domain for more than two years now and has evoked much interest. As per the CISCE, the actionable items in the NEP 2020, need to be implemented at the earliest in schools, if not already done. The NEP is a visionary document aimed at overhauling the country’s education system which will contribute to an equitable and vibrant knowledge society, by providing high-quality education to all.

Smart initiatives like integrated programs for teacher training are going to benefit us tremendously. The NEP is well-suited to bolstering our education system and transforming India into a global education hub. I think it is about time that schools across the country embrace the digital aspect of learning and use it to optimize the in-class and at-home learning experience. 

Right from a simplification of the existing school book content which is heavy on text, to making classroom lessons more interactive and complementing it with audio-visual content, all these guidelines are yet to see full-scale implementation. Newer areas like coding, financial literacy, and artificial intelligence that are critical to the future success of students need to become a part of the curriculum in a phased-wise manner. 

However, the NEP 2020 has proved that it is a truly progressive policy that will go a long way in creating a bright future for our young students. At New Horizon Public School, we believe firmly in the power of high-quality early education as a facilitator of effective child development, and we stand ready to adopt any initiatives that will help us in achieving this goal.

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