Stranger Danger Day

Teaching children about personal boundaries is vital for their safety and well-being. We at NHPS, feel that children have the right to feel safe and protected at all times. To ensure their safety, it is essential for them to understand the concepts of good touch and bad touch. It is crucial to emphasize that if something feels wrong or uncomfortable, it is important to speak up and seek help. ‘Stranger Danger Day’ program is specifically dedicated for children to understand that their feelings are valid and that they have the right to set boundaries with their bodies. This session helps them to identify who trusted adults are in their lives whom they can turn to for help and support. Encouraging children to communicate openly with these trusted adults and letting them know about any uncomfortable or confusing experiences they may have had. By educating children about these important topics, we empower them to recognize when something is wrong, set boundaries, and seek help from trusted adults. The objective of this session is to give children what they well deserve, to make them feel safe, loved and respected.

A teacher at New Horizon Public School is more than a source of wisdom and knowledge

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    Respected Madam,

    I am writing this e-mail with immense happiness and gratitude. To see Niharica improve slowly and steadily has given me a lot of confidence that she will do well in her academics even in her higher classes. She now reads very well and independently. She also remembers things better. Her writing has improved as well.

    I would like to thank you mam for your patience, understanding and encouragement. I would also thank the school management for having such a set up where the kids can be given special attention to improve in the areas that they are weak in.

    Mam, I am sure that with your guidance Niharica will have a wholesome growth. Thank you once again.

    Yours sincerely,