Art & Craft
Basket Ball
Volley Ball
Public Speaking
Story Telling

Summer camp is a great opportunity to explore new things or dive deep into areas you love.

The summer camp in New Horizon Public School started from 1st April and culminated on 29th April 2023.

Our summer camp included various activities like Robotics, creative and fun sports, public speaking, story-telling, skating, abacus and Vedic Math, dance etc. Fun filled activities for the children during the holidays gave them an opportunity to learn new skills in dance ,art and craft ,theatre ,yoga ,music ,explore in science and excel in sports .

The camp aimed at keeping the students engaged and provided them an even platform to explore and express their creativity in any form as per their interest. They not only made memories while having fun but they were able to overcome their fears ,try new things ,pushed their boundaries and realized self sufficiency .They were able to make new friends amidst lot of fun and learnt team spirit and be more confident.