Teaching Beyond the Books

“It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge.” 

A teacher truly owns the reins of all our future leaders. There is no doubt that a good teacher is the reason behind a successful individual. History is witness that repeatedly we have seen our Gurus make the best of individuals that serve our society. Our teachers are what make us. Breaking repetition and conforming to the needs of students’ schools like New Horizon Public School (NHPS) – the best ICSE school in Bangalore are encouraging teachers to teach beyond the books. They are trained to create a deep and meaningful connection with the students. One that sustains beyond the 12 school years. 

Teaching beyond the books simply means encouraging knowledge through various means instead of sticking to the conventional methods. Teachers at the best ICSE schools in Bangalore are regularly updated on contemporary trends, teaching methods and ideologies through workshops, guest lectures and training programs. The conventional school setting is regularly challenged by our students who are incredibly demanding in terms of knowledge and exposure. They push the teachers limits to make them find new ways that are less repetitive and more complex when it comes to teaching them. Teachers are prepping for classes and creating modules, presentations, games, and activities that foster healthy and holistic development.  

Let us look at how teaching beyond the books helps students: 

  • Current Affairs: the fast-paced society that we live in requires us to stay in touch with our surroundings. There is no such field in current day where you can remain oblivious to the world around you. A teacher can tutor his/her students ‘Our Constitution’ as a part of their Civics syllabus. But it is important to tell them situations from recent events that will work as a guiding light for them in understanding the concept better. Talking about recent discoveries made in the field of Biology while teaching will increase inquisitively among students. As a teacher it is important to impart good practices in students. A practice like being in constant touch with current affairs helps the student in the long term. It allows them to explore beyond boundaries and helps them in having a world view of every situation and field.  
  • Eradicating repetition: teaching the same material every year is taxing for the teacher and the student. In some cases, the material cannot be changed but new games and activities can be introduced to create a light environment in the class while making learning fun. Teachers can use flash cards to teach history, puzzles for mathematics and fun prism experiments for physics. Mnemonics has always played a distinguished role in memory. Likewise, creating visuals that set concepts apart from one another is a fantastic way to help children remember. This also helps in transitioning concepts read in textbooks to real life situations.
  • Development: every passing generation is to be more curious than the other. This is solely because of exposure. It is necessary that teachers and parents constantly nourish young minds and make them ready for a bright future. Top ICSE schools in Bangalore establish their place in the country by churning out intelligent, smart and sensitive students each year. This is done by a process of bettering their materials and teaching methods. Catering to the holistic development of the child and jerking their brains through new ways of learning is the only way out. Teachers can host quizzes after each chapter, ask students to re-create stills from geography or physics chapters; encouraging creativity and healthy competition.  
  • Updating: creating a space for children where they never run out of ideas can be tough but possible. ICSE admission in the best ICSE schools of Bangalore ensures that infrastructure is constantly updated. Labs are equipped with new equipment’s and experiments that are up to date and help the student learn. Apart from updating textbooks, literature, labs, and buildings with the current day requirements; it is also necessary that playgrounds, new sensory toys, and structures be updated as well. The best ICSE schools in Bangalore like NHPS ensure that these steps are taken. This helps students to stick along the relevant trends which in turn helps them in the future.  

Teaching beyond the books is a new and progressive teaching method that allows students to get a 360-degree approach to learning. It is important that teachers take the extra step to impart knowledge. It is also important for the best ICSE schools in Bangalore to give teachers the opportunity to re-learn and adapt on a regular basis. The top 10 ICSE schools are always in the lookout for latest items to introduce to their students. The goal for the best ICSE schools in Bangalore is to re-equip, refurbish, and recondition their staff and students. This allows the top schools in Bangalore to remain in the top while setting records with their relevance in academics.  

Teachers at ICSE schools like NHPS create games to be played in the classrooms, encourage students to do role play or theatrics to dramatize and enact their plays and stories. They do regular quizzes, host article writing competitions, help students create magazines and newsletters on relevant topics. The best ICSE schools also train their teachers to actively use YouTube and other modern-day technologies to show fun experiments, tutorials that help them learn complex concepts. This also encourages them to look at the internet as an opportunity to learn.  

If you are a parent that wants the best ICSE school for your child or if you are often found searching for “best icse school near me” then you are at the right place. Check out NHPS and give your child the education that they deserve. Pick up the ICSE admission form to one of the top ICSE schools in Bangalore among the list of top ICSE schools in Bangalore and get going!

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    I would like to thank you mam for your patience, understanding and encouragement. I would also thank the school management for having such a set up where the kids can be given special attention to improve in the areas that they are weak in.

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