To raise awareness and appreciation about the vital role played by nature in our lives

The idea for this event started off with a small objective – to raise awareness and appreciation about the vital role played by nature in our lives, which more often than not, goes unnoticed. What better day to take a step towards that goal, than on the International Day for Biological Diversity! This webinar, which was the first event of this academic year, was organised by a co-ordinated team of students and teachers and was a bigger success than any of us could have hoped for! We initially expected 50-60 attendees but eventually the number came up to 150! Our guest speaker for the day, Mr. Vrijulal, gave an extremely interesting and informative talk on ‘Biodiversity for Life’ that was a wonderful journey filled with learning. We now know that without tigers, we wouldn’t have the water in our homes that we so rely on! The overwhelming enthusiasm shown by our students was truly remarkable. The beautiful artwork and innovative presentations done by students.

For the biodiversity competitions held online only added to the fervour of it all. The success of this webinar generated a lot of hope too, as we now know that no matter the distance, we can overcome any challenge with a little bit of hard work. We all thoroughly enjoyed this session and are looking forward to many more in this new academic year.

By – Ankita Vakde, 9D

International Day of Biological Diversity….now…one of my most favorite days!
We all learn so much while having fun!
Some of the most important things that we need to know are how and why our precious biodiversity is important, ways we can conserve our biodiversity and what makes it so unique!
The million benefits we get from it and the many different ways it helps us…. quite simply….. everything in our life functions the way it is supposed to because of it
We had invited Vriju Sir who explained about biodiversity to us in the best possible way… interactive and informative.

Of course, our students excellent works of creative arts had been displayed as well and none of this would have been possible if we did not have our teachers and Principal ma’am’s constant guidance and support!
I’m sure each and every one of us see nature from a different perspectives now and would always think on ways to preserve and treasure this absolutely beautiful gift Earth has given us.

– Sandhyaa Ramesh

Firstly, thank you so much for giving us this wonderful opportunity and  trusting us to do something this big. The event went on without a hitch and we were very happy to see that around 140 attendees had joined, it was a lot more than we were all expecting. The webinar was very interactive and kept us all captivated the entire time. We all learned so much and it was very informative. There was a lot of excitement leading up to this and planning this webinar was a great learning experience for the entire 8th grade council. The teachers’ help was invaluable and kept improving us. We’re happy to say that all our hard work paid off and the event was extremely successful and a memorable experience for all those who attended it. Once again, thank you so much for giving us this opportunity to organize this ma’am, and we hope this was the first webinar of many more to come.

Atulit Subramanian

On 22nd May, Mr.Vriju Lal, an expert on biodiversity and nature studies, was invited to our
school to give us a webinar on Biodiversity, to celebrate international biodiversity day. All the
students have fond memories of Vriju sir, who has given us, in recent years, a few
educational,entertaining and interactive talks on various nature related topics.So, as soon as
we heard that sir would be giving us our first webinar of the year, we were all uber-excited
and thrilled to witness him speak on biodiversity, and educate us on the topic.
In the speech, Vriju sir himself showed us his own life experiences with respect to
biodiversity, and how he did his part to preserve it. He showed us the countless benefits of
preserving biodiversity and how impeccable nature’s design is, and how all the parts of an
ecosystem overlap to make the perfect living environment, and means to protect it.He also
encouraged us to ask questions and gave equally informative replies.
We would all like to convey our boundless gratitude to Vriju sir, for his amazing speech, and
thank Principal Ma’am, for providing us with this informative and delightful opportunity.We
hope to continue learning important lessons like this through many more such events, and
invigorate the spirit of learning in all of us.

Prahlad Kini-9(E)

BIODIVERSITY- For me, till now, this term only meant the variety of living beings on our planet but the webinar conducted on BIODIVERSITY FOR LIFE by our school on 22nd May 2021, widened and magnified my knowledge on this topic. Now, I realise that biodiversity is the soul of our ecosystem and our being.
Our guest speaker, Mr. Vriju Lal, introduced the topic in such an awesome and gripping manner that we were all curious and exhilarated as to what will come next. We were totally delighted as he clarified the concepts in a very effortless manner.

My enthusiasm and zeal were at the peak when he discussed the various case studies like migration of common sparrows away from the cities, the population of the tigers is responsible for water in our perennial rivers, the importance of each and every species in the food chain and how the extinction of species affects our existence.
Now I know that each one of us, in our own little way, can contribute in conserving the biodiversity and exhibit our gratitude towards mother nature.

The presentations made by the students were a delight to watch.
I express my sincere thanks to Principal Ma’am for organising such a knowledgeable and engrossing session and we, as students, are looking forward for many more such sessions.

Chirag Anand 6A

My name is Shantanu Kadiyali. I’m currently going to the 9th standard. I would like to write a few words describing how grateful my fellow batchmates and I are for the session on Biodiversity that was recently conducted.

All of us, without a doubt, really needed the session. During these tough times we have all been finding it tremendously difficult to stay productive and follow a good routine. The session was really interactive, and with Sir’s patience and need for us to learn, the topic got much more simple for us to comprehend. Vriju Sir with his effortless yet effective style of communication ensured that we remained captivated throughout the course of the session. His use of case studies, including his own, gave us deeper insights on the subject. The refreshing aspect to the entire session was that we got to know of a new stream that one could take up as a profession apart from the ‘usual suspects’ that we are all so familiar with.

We are all aware that it takes a lot of effort to organise such a fruitful event. I take this opportunity to thank you on behalf of our whole batch for this initiative. On behalf of all of us, I would also like to request you to conduct more sessions like this in the future that will provide us exposure to greater avenues.
Thank you once again!

Yours sincerely, 

Shantanu Kadiyali 

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