Yellow Colour Day

Yellow is often associated with sunshine, happiness, and optimism. It is a color that symbolizes positivity, enlightenment, and intellect. Just as the golden rays of the sun brighten our days, yellow has the power to uplift the spirits of young children and bring a sense of joy to their lives. Dressed in shades of yellow, on 22nd June 2023, our delighted preschoolers embraced the spirit of the occasion by participating in yellow themed hands-on activities, art and craft which was displayed on the softboards. The corridor and the speaking tree was decorated with appealing craftworks highlighting the essence of yellow. They were encouraged to bring yellow-coloured snacks adding a fun and festive touch to the celebration. It was an amazing learning experience and weather through personal expression, creative endeavors, acts of kindness, or embracing the beauty of nature, let Yellow Color Day be a reminder to embrace the sunshine within and share it with the world.

A teacher at New Horizon Public School is more than a source of wisdom and knowledge

Admission Enquiry Form

    New Horizon Public School Gallery

    Respected Madam,

    I am writing this e-mail with immense happiness and gratitude. To see Niharica improve slowly and steadily has given me a lot of confidence that she will do well in her academics even in her higher classes. She now reads very well and independently. She also remembers things better. Her writing has improved as well.

    I would like to thank you mam for your patience, understanding and encouragement. I would also thank the school management for having such a set up where the kids can be given special attention to improve in the areas that they are weak in.

    Mam, I am sure that with your guidance Niharica will have a wholesome growth. Thank you once again.

    Yours sincerely,