Here’s a Mathematics MCQ with Answers for a late-night revision

Mathematics/Maths/Algebra/Geometry/Arithmetic there is no nice way of saying it. Yes, we recognize why they are called ‘problems’ but they teach you something you just cannot escape. There is no way you can live without mathematics. You can be an artist and still have to pay taxes and do calculations that require your entire attention. There is a saying ‘the faster you run from your problems the quicker they catch up to you’ so instead of avoiding mathematics like most do, let us face it with a brave front (it is ok to cry about mathematics by the way).

For those of you that do like mathematics and those that dread it, this is the perfect time to revise before your exams. We have lined up an interesting maths MCQ with answers for you, that pans across every maths chapter in ICSE and maths chapters in CBSE. You not only test your knowledge but also learn something if you happen to fall back. Keep your rough notebook and textbook ready! Let’s go:


  1. The length of the shadow of a tall building is equal to their height at a certain time of day. What is the sun’s altitude at that exact time?
  • 30°
  • 40°
  • 45°

Ans: 45°


  1. Two coins are thrown at the same time. What would be the probability of getting both heads.
  • 1/2
  • 1/4
  • 0

Ans: 1/4


  1. Who is the famous mathematician that found the sum of the first 100 natural numbers?
  • Pythagoras
  • Euclid
  • Gauss

Ans: Gauss  


  1. If the product of two successive integral multiples of 5 is 300 then what is the number?                                                                   
  • 10, 15
  • 15, 20
  • 30, 35

Ans: 15, 20


5. In what way can 36 be expressed as a product of its prime?

  • 2² х 3²
  • 2¹ х 3³
  • 2³ х 3¹

Ans: 2² х 3²


6. What kind of number is 7 х 11 х 13 х 15 + 15?

  • Neither prime nor composite
  • Composite number
  • None of the above

Ans: Composite number


  1. What is the value of sin 60° cos 30° + sin 30° cos 60°?
  • 0
  • 1
  • 2

Ans: 1


  1. Tell us the quadratic polynomial whose sum and the product of zeroes is √2, ⅓ , respectively?
  • 3x2-3√2x+1
  • 3x2+3√2x-1
  • 3x2+3√2x+1

Ans: 3x2-3√2x+1


  1. In a quadratic polynomial if the zeroes of ax2+bx+c, c≠0 are equal, then
  • c and b have opposite signs
  • c and b have same signs
  • c and a have same signs

Ans: c and a have same signs

  1. The following pairs of equations 9x + 3y + 12 = 0 and 18x + 6y + 26 = 0 have what in common?
  • Unique solution
  • Exactly two solutions
  • Infinitely many solutions
  • No solution

Ans: No solution

There we are for now, that’s your revision. We hope this helped and you learned while also testing your capabilities in mathematics. Don’t worry because we will be back for part two.

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