Victims of Bullying become bully’s themselves

Name calling, teasing, physically hurting someone are all different forms of bullying that one unfortunately experiences in school. Sometimes bullying amongst friends is light and harmless but many times it crosses the line and may cause trauma to the victim. Bullying is a trait that children are not born with. Most of the time they learn it from home, school or watching other children.

Children who are bullies may not be doing it intentionally but simply as a reaction to their past experiences. They themselves may have been victims of bullying at home or at school. As a victim of bullying, they need a place where they can exercise power and this leads to them picking on either children smaller or weaker than them. For example, a child who is constantly picked on by his parents for his behavior or made to feel small is more likely to copy this behavior at school when he/she bullies another child. The same would apply to hitting or other forms of physical abuse. A child who gets hit when he/she makes a mistake may begin to think that it is an acceptable manner to punish someone. They ultimately follow the same pattern as their parents and unfortunately are more likely to cause physical harm to their fellow classmates.

In some cases, children may also bully to simply get a reaction out of their victim. Seeing people in a position weaker than them may entertain them. This behavior is commonly seen between siblings at home. A small fight between siblings may seem harmless to a certain extent, but if the younger child is the one who is constantly being picked on, he/she may turn into a bully as a reaction to this. They may feel as though they need to regain control and begin to pick on children smaller than them.

Bullying is dangerous in any situation and may have some very harmful repercussions on children who do not have the mental capacity to deal with it. Some ways you can prevent your child from turning into a bully is;

  • Monitoring their behavior at home– Making sure that the adults in the house never make the child feel small as well as cause physical and mental harm to him.
  • Educating your child on the ill-effects of bullying– Teach your child how bullying can affect a person’s mental state.
  • Teach them the importance of equality– Have a conversation with your child about how everyone is equal and deserves equal levels of respect despite their age and how they look.

Besides preventing your child from turning into a bully it is equally important to teach them to stand up to one. A healthy way to deal with bullies is to stand your ground and not respond with violence or shouting. Have a conversation with them or approach an adult about the situation.

Bullying and peer pressure are inevitably a part of a child’s school experience but as parents and educators it is our responsibility to help children navigate through these hurdles in a healthy, effective manner.

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